Lucky Palms after the rain ~

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some thoughts on changing Nighat to Katrina

Not that I support re-imagining characters but I think that’s just because the name Katrina is easier to pronounce and remember than Nighat. I knew that long before they revealed more info about the game that TS4 was going to be very similar to TS3. They don’t care about storyline anymore. It basically doesn’t matter since they keep “focusing on revolutionizing the Sims themselves”.

The Sims Trailers - From The Sims 1 to The Sims 4


Lennon Sosa

A top student from the prestigious Formage Grille cooking school, Lennon has a big appetite and even bigger dreams! Known for his lavish parties, robust garden, and scrumptious cuisine he quickly became a town favorite, but can he surpass Romon Tanner and become known as the number one chef in town?

I took few pictures of Diwans before I left them to play my next family in Lucky Palms - Sosa. Expect more pictures of Lennon Sosa soon :D